The Source's Fat Tape for September, 1994 - this is a tough one; I think I’m going to take O.C.'s 'Time’s Up’. I know, tough competition with Nas' 'Represent' and 'Unbelievable' from Biggie (among others), but lyrics, content and the production from Buckwild on ‘Time’s Up' + the fact that some people slept on 'Word…Life' because of those other releases - I think it deserves extra attention. The remix for 'For My Peeps' by Red Hot Lover Tone, minus Red Hot Lover Tone, was pretty ill, too! 

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DJ Camilo | ‘R&B Pt.1' | 1996 - I think I posted the second part some months back - the first installment has just as many classic joints. '96 was a year filled with a ton of hip-hop and R&B collaborations, expect a lot of that on here. 112, Case, Horace Brown, SkindeepSWV, etc. Anticipate a skip here or there, but a solid listen.

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'That patch-eyed motherf#cker RUN THIS' - Slick Rick

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Fat Beats | '94 'Til Infinity

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August 31, 2010 - it was the second of six days of in-store performances to close out the Fat Beats NY store. My artist, Eternia, was performing - as was Ras Kass, and there was a music panel with Dru Ha, Immortal Technique, DJ Eclipse and more. After the performances, Ras Kass invited Eternia out to perform at his A.D.I.D.A.S. album release party. They’ve done a few tracks together over the years, but at the time, I think ‘It’s Funny Remix' was their most recent.

Ras put together a dope event: Ice-T (and Coco), Kool Keith, Royal Flush, Mic Geronimo, Lil’ Fame, PackFM, Queen Herawin, Doo Wop, Kurupt, and a grip of other artists came through to show support & most performed. Hearing Mic Geronimo do ‘Shit’s Real' & Royal Flush do ‘Worldwide' was dope, not to mention Ice-T schooling everyone in the building on 25 years of hip-hop. YouTube has some of the videos. Definitely keeping that night in the memory bank. 

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I got an email reminder from Tumblr this morning that said I started this section of my site exactly one year ago. As with every other passing year, it seems it went bye far too quickly. Over the years, going back to 2006, I have maintained a few different websites - all with similar content (more or less).

The first was niche, exclusively rare 90s vinyl & golden era content. Then I started working at Fat Beats and wanted to cater more to introducing and supporting new artists, so I would do interviews, post exclusive content, etc. At that point, I started managing artists and touring, which put a hold on blogging & yet another site was abandoned.

When I started ‘TheNewPrint' a couple years ago, I was focussed more on bridging the gap between music and my background in economics and business. Business was good, my artists were doing well, and I was writing more - on and offline, but I found I still needed an excuse to keep track of old memories and catalog certain items that were just sitting in storage. So, this section of the site was (re)born. 

I’ve moved a shitload of times over the past few years and each time, I have to leave more stuff behind - photographs, records, CDs, magazines, etc - I’m afraid pieces of my memory are being lost along with it lol With all that said, if no one else ever saw this site, it’d be fine with me - I’ll be able to look back and have the nostalgia available to me with the click of a mouse. That’s a peaceful thought, so I hope that I can continue for at least another year without interruption. We’ll see…

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"It came to me like a song I wrote…"
- Biggie

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Popular Tunes | Record Store | Memphis, TN
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Popular Tunes | Record Store | Memphis, TN

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Cormega | ‘One Love’ bw ‘The Testament’ | 12” | 1998

Cormega | ‘One Love’ bw ‘The Testament’ | 12”1998

“Dear Nas, what up son, it’s Mega - I got your letter, me and my cousin Oogie here together” - also known as Cormega’s ‘Letter To Nas’, this record was released in 1998 on Violator / Def Jam Records. Cormega’s album, ‘The Testament’, which is also the B-Side single, was shelved by Def Jam in the mid-90s and didn’t see an official release (independently) until 2005. ‘One Love’ was produced by RNS and ‘The Testament’ had production from Dave Atkinson, who also produced ‘Affirmative Action’ off ‘It Was Written’.

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On August 30th of 2010, Fat Beats NY began the first of six final in-store performances to close down the record store. The first day of performances was set to include: The Artifacts, Away Team, Homeboy Sandman, Statik Selektah, Da Beatminerz and more surprise guests that came through to show love. Needless to say, as someone who had worked at the store and was also managing an artist on the Fat Beats Records label (Eternia's album came out in June of 2010) - it was a sad week and I still miss the store very much. I’ll post more pics from that week over the next few days. 

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American Ninja | August 30, 1985 | You might have to be an 80s baby like me to appreciate this post, but American Ninja (the series of movies) and then, ‘Avenging Force’, were childhood cult classics. Ha! 

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Kanye West | ‘Late Registration' | August 30, 2005

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